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Andrimax 120 capsules

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Product description

Andrimax 120 capsules

Penis size and sexual performance is a topic that bothers many men.

Do you want to be the perfect lover? Try the unique Andrimax 120capsule product.

The ingredients in Andrimax have a positive effect on the microcirculation of blood into the intimate parts, ensure greater blood flow to the penis and thus increase its size, support erection and have a positive effect on sexual performance and intimate health of men - see composition.


Andrimax 120 capsules

better blood circulation in the intimate parts
better sexual performance, energy and stamina
erection quality and strength
proper function of nervous systems, mental and physical endurance
sperm production, intimate health
Therefore, in order for the product to bring you the results you expect, it must contain a sufficient amount of active ingredients. Andrimax 120 capsules contain a daily dose of 2400 mg of the mixture. So it has almost no competition in our market. The vast majority of products contain only a very small amount of individual substances, which then has no real effect.

Dosage and use: intended for long-term use. 1 pack contains 120 capsules (one month supply). Dosage is 2 capsules twice a day.

Andrimax is manufactured in the Czech Republic. He is notified at the Ministry of Health and has received health certificates from the State Health Office!



L-arginine HCl - 640 mg

Tribulus terrestris- extract 40% - 574 mg

Maca extract 10: 1 - 480 mg

Saw palmetto - extract 25% - 240 mg

Muira puama - extract 4: 1 - 160 mg

L-citrulline - 100 mg

Cranberry extract 5: 1 - 80 mg Panax Ginseng - extract 80% - 60 mg

Ginkgo biloba - extract 24/6 - 20 mg

Smilax officinalis - extract 10: 1 - 12 mg

Vitamin E 50% - 24 mg (100% DDD)

Coenzyme Q 10 - 10 mg

Other ingredients: Gelatin, dye E 171.


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Aphrodisiacs Tablets for erection Men's aphrodisiac Dietary Supplements

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Product type For men, Stimulation, Tablets

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