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Fun Factory Stronic Petite

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Product code: P21324
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Hands-free mini pulsator
Great toy if you are new to toys or pulsators
Our smallest and lightest STRONIC
Extremely easy to use with a powerful engine
Choose from 5 speeds and 3 rhythms
Waterproof and waterproof

STRONIC PETITE is a pulsator for beginners. He pulls back and forth all by himself - no holding is necessary! At the heart of this mini pulsator is the powerful FUN FACTORY motor surrounded by 100% body-friendly materials.

Hit your points
Gently stimulate the outside of the clitoris, feel the pulsation when the vulva opens as you slide your tip over your labia. By the way, your STRONIC PETITE is waterproof - welcome hot baths and showers!

Do twice as hard.
Combine the handless use of STRONIC PETITE with the stimulation of the external clitoris with your hands or with a toy and you will enjoy deeper and more intense orgasms.

Look, no hands!
Enjoy rhythmic pulsations without the use of hands - in virtually any position you can think of. Our smallest and lightest pulsator pulsates here and there all by itself. You can choose from 5 speeds and 3 rhythms.

First, STRONIC PETITE does not vibrate. Instead, they drive two strong counterweight magnets inwards, allowing this small push vibrator to move back and forth. You can choose from an inspiring range of intensities from gentle caresses to strong rhythmic thrusts. And best of all, the toy can handle it all on its own - your hands will stay free and do what they like ...

Lubricate it and use STRONIC PETITE externally for rhythmic smoothing of the clitoris. Stimulate the outer parts of the clitoris, caress the labia or massage the vaginal opening with the tip of the toy.

During penetration, the inner walls of the clitoris are automatically stimulated with each stroke. The structured surface of the silicone shaft reaches even deeper layers and countless other nerve endings.

Combine handless pulsator push with external stimulation of your clitoris - either with your hands or a toy. Enjoy an even deeper and fuller orgasm - inside and out!

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Classic Vibrators Silicone Vibrators Pulsators Pulsators Mini Vibrators

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Lenght 17 cm
Waterproof yes
Water resistance yes
Pulsation yes
Vibration no
Material Silicon
Colour Purple
Weight 216 g
Diameter min. 2.5 cm
Diameter max. 3.5 cm
Diameter 3.5 cm
Power supply Charger
Battery type Rechargeable

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