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Mystim Plunging Pete

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Product description

A decoration for your acorn!

The Mystim brand is a symbol for disturbing electrostimulation toys that literally electrify your senses.

A unique acorn stimulator, Mystim Plunging Pete Corona Strap. 24K gold on a dillator and on two balls prepared evenly flowing stimulation waves.

Insert the urethral rod into the urethra. Its size is also suitable for beginners.

Use a water-based lubricating gel for more convenient insertion.

To increase the intensity of electropulse flow, apply the conductive electrogel Mystim The Goldfather to the penis.

Material and color

The crown is made of medical platinum silicone. The tightening clip is made of solid ABS plastic. Metal balls and a urethral rod are gilded with 24 carat gold. All in a beautiful black and gold design.

Dimensions and parameters

Rod length: 3.5 cm, diameter 4 mm

Acorn loop length: 32 cm

Length of the loop over the tip: approx. 19 cm


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Penis Dilators Electro Sex Electrodes Mystim Electrosex Toys BDSM Dilator Edgeplay Deviations Urethral sounding

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Water resistance yes
Pulsation no
Vibration no
Colour Black

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