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Product description

Lelo not only produces some of the best vibrators in the world, but also luxury Venus balls Luna. Luna are two Venus balls connected by a hygienic cord. The balls are made of plastic material and are stored in a bed of medical silicone. Venus's balls work on the principle of hollow balls, in which there is a smaller metal ball, which when moving hits the walls of the outer ball, thus shaking it. This creates that pleasant, irritating feeling. However, the balls do not only have an irritating effect. They are also suitable as a prevention against incontinence. When using balls, you subconsciously tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor, thus achieving the same effect as during the training of so-called "Kegel exercises". Strong muscles in the pelvic floor will also please your partner.

The package contains two pairs of venus balls. Each pair is otherwise difficult for a woman to choose the ones that suit her best.

2 x 28 grams
2 x 37 grams


ball-in-ball system
hygienic cord
interchangeable balls of different weights
possibility of variable combination of ball weights
100% waterproof
Venus Luna balls are delivered in an elegant gift package and with a satin case for stylish storage.

Typ dráždění: Zdravotní pomůcka
Vibrace: no
Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Barva: Modrá / Růžová
Voděodolnost: yes
Vlastnost materiálu: Tvrdý na dotek


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