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Product description

Mia is the first vibrator that can be charged using a USB connection, making it the ideal companion for travel or work. The developer's goal was to create a vibrator of small dimensions, with quiet vibrations, but with the efficiency and functions of its larger siblings. These goals have been met and a vibrator that resembles women's lipstick satisfies thousands of women around the world. The vibrator is made of comfortable plastic and has 4 vibration programs that can be regulated using the + - buttons. The Mia vibrator comes in an elegant gift package with a satin case and a USB extension cable for charging from your PC or laptop via a USB connector. Two hours of USB charging will provide four hours of pleasure. Dimensions 111 x 22 mm.


Material PC-ABS
Glossy / mother of pearl surface
Size 111 x 22 mm
Weight 32 grams
Battery Li-Ion 450 mAh 3.7 V
Charging 2h at 4.8V and 300 mA
Endurance up to 4 hours
Pohot. period up to 90 days
Frequency 80 Hz
Max. noise <50 dB
+/- button control, 4 programs

This product is no longer available. In our offer you will find a newer type Lelo Mia 2

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