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Product description

The Loveo package will offer a total of three balls, designed not only for your pleasure, but so that you can gradually increase the intensity of strengthening. And why strengthen? The use of venus balls has a positive effect on future intimate experiences and your health - you can look forward to longer and stronger orgasms after just a few weeks of regular strengthening. In addition, with each exercise you reduce the risk of incontinence in old age.

The most important for maximum enjoyment are comfort and a pleasant surface to the touch. That's why we make Ines balls from medical silicone, which is velvety soft so that it is a pleasure to touch it. In addition, the silicone is durable and easy to maintain - just rinse the balls with soapy water. Handling a flexible and flexible string will be very simple.


The balls are delivered in a discreet package.

This product is no longer manufactured.


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