Satisfyer Curvy 2+

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Special cleaner 50ml
USB mains charger
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A small top device for irritating the clitoris. Such pressure waves gently and sensitively suck your clitoris at various intervals, stimulating the clitoris. Millions of satisfied users rate the vacuum irritation of SATISFYER as the most intense!

- 11 pressure wave intensities

- 11 vibration modes, independently controlled on waves

- Dimensions: total length 14.5 cm, body diameter 4.5 cm, inner diameter of the nozzle 1.5 cm

- Link the app to your Spotify account and do it to the beat.

- Mobile application

Whether you use your mobile phone or Apple Watch, both will be super comfortable and intuitive. The control works via Bluetooth or via the Internet via chat in the application. The best part is that you can create your own vibrational patterns and actually satisfy yourself creatively, literally.

The application will evolve hand in hand with the development of technology, so surprising news will be waiting for you every month. It is not for nothing that Satisfyer Connect is proud of the prestigious CES Twice Picks Award.



Typ dráždění: Klitoriální
Vibrace: yes
Materiál: ABS/Silikon
Barva: Bílá
Délka: 14,5 cm
Průměr min.: 1,5 cm
Průměr max.: 4,5 cm
Voděodolnost: yes
Vlastnost materiálu: Měkký na dotek
Napájení: Nabíječka
Typ baterie: Nabíjecí akumulátor


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