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Product description

The discreetly cute Daisy vibrator, made by the Svakom brand, fits in any handbag or travel bag. The mini-vibrator contains a powerful but at the same time very quiet motor, which ensures very pleasant moments from three levels of vibration. Its use is very simple, you control it with just one button. If you need to charge the vibrator, just unscrew its lower part and connect the USB cable. Two hours of charging is enough for up to four hours of your pleasure. Daisy is fully waterproof, so you can enjoy it even during water games.

Typ dráždění: Vaginální
Vibrace: yes
Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Barva: Růžová
Délka: 12,5 cm
Váha: 40 g
Průměr: 2,25 cm
Voděodolnost: yes


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