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Tenga Air-Tech Regular

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Tenga in Japanese means "elegant, refined, charming" and it is precisely these words that characterize Tenga products. They are stylish, innovative and fun. Tenga will provide you with a truly extraordinary sexual experience thanks to the high quality of workmanship and the highest quality of materials used. With Tenga products, you can masturbate 20 times a day, for example, and the sensitive skin and foreskin of your penis will not show any signs of fatigue. Tenga products have become the most popular and best-selling sex toys for men in Japan, and their popularity is growing rapidly around the world.

Tenga Air-Tech Regular will hug you and suck as intensely as you wish. Tenga has enhanced your favorite Deep Throat Cup - now with a removable interior that can be washed and reused. Up to fifty times! In addition, the completely new structure guarantees an even more intense experience.

Weight: 240g.


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