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Product description

The unique Japanese brand of men's masturbators Tenga comes with innovation! Tenga products have become the most popular and best-selling sex toys for men in Japan, and their popularity is growing rapidly around the world.

This new vacuum pump will intensify your experience when using them many times over.

It's simple - just put the pump on any compatible masturbator from Tenga and the fun can begin. This pump has two attachments, so it can be used on both standard and enlarged (US) versions of masturbators. After inserting the masturbation aid into the pump and switching it on, a pleasant negative pressure will start to be created in the aid of your choice, which you can regulate according to your own preferences with the button on the side of the pump. Thanks to this, you will experience even more intense excitement than you are used to with normal use of masturbators.

Package contains:

Tenga vacuum pump in classic size,
attachment for US versions of Tenga masturbators,
disposable masturbator Deep Throat Cup US.


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