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USB mains charger
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Product description

Another award-winning design vibrator is the Click 'n' Charge collection. The perfect, elegant and at the same time passionate shapes of this unique vibrator resembling a seahorse did not go unnoticed. Delight has become an integral part of the bedrooms of even the most demanding users, who were enchanted by the elegant design, style, luxury and above all the pleasure that this vibrator brings. The perfect shapes have been designed so that the vibrator head can easily stimulate the G-spot and a fine bump irritate the clitoris. Simple operation with the + and - buttons allows you to regulate 3 vibration programs, the buttons are backlit for better control in the dark. The stimulating part of the vibrator is made of surgical silicone and the sides are made of plastic, very pleasant to the touch.

Fully charge the toy before using it for the first time! This gives the battery maximum service life and endurance. The first charging process can take up to 12 hours! Charging, when fully discharged, takes 4.5 hours.

The vibrator is not waterproof, do not use in water !!!


These vibrators have a built-in battery that is charged using the included USB charger.


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Typ dráždění: G-bod, Klitoriální
Vibrace: yes
Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Barva: Růžová
Délka: 15 cm
Průměr min.: 2.2 cm
Průměr max.: 3.2 cm
Průměr: 3.2 cm
Voděodolnost: no
Vlastnost materiálu: Měkký na dotek
Napájení: Nabíječka
Typ baterie: Nabíjecí akumulátor


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