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Partner Toy

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Special cleaner 50ml
USB mains charger
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Product description

Another novelty on the market and that is Partner Toy Plus! Enjoy an exceptional evening with this toy with a friend and try new things. An elegant vibrator that fits into your favorites right after the first use. With the Partner Toy vibrator, you and your partner will experience satisfaction and make your games more enjoyable. This product provides 10 different intensities and it is up to you which one will be so chosen for you. Controlling this unique vibrator is very simple. Experience a continuous amount of pleasure and intimacy at the touch of a button. It stimulates the clitoris, G-spot, but also irritates the partner's penis. The advantage is easy maintenance.

Partner Toy is charged via the magnetic USB cable included in the package!

Material: Medical silicone
Charging: 2 hours
Use: 1 hour
Weight: 52g


This product is no longer available.

Vibrace: yes
Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Průměr min.: 0,8 cm
Průměr max.: 2,1 cm


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