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We-vibe Tango - purple

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Product description

We-vibe Tango is very similar to Salse, differing mainly in the shape of the tip, which is beveled. The rest remains. The small vibrator is made of medical silicone and is therefore anti-allergenic, just like any product bearing the We-Vibe brand. In addition to its design, the vibrator surprises especially with strong vibrations. The vibrations are in four stages, where each subsequent stage is much more pronounced than the previous one. After changing the force of the vibration, you can adjust the rhythm of the vibration - intermittent vibration, deceleration and acceleration, fast intermittent vibration and at the last level you feel that the vibration is moving from the tip of the vibrator towards the control and back again. Salsa has a rounded tip, so the introduction of this vibrator is very easy and pleasant. Size 10.3 cm. Diameter 1.8 cm. The vibrator is fully waterproof.


We-Vibe Tango

built-in battery
light signalization
elegant shape
water resistance
Charging 40min.
Weight 47g
Use only water-based gels on the We-Vibe Tango vibrator.


This product is no longer available. In our offer you will find an alternative from the brand Lelo - Mia 2

Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Barva: Fialová
Délka: 10.3 cm
Průměr: 1.8 cm
Voděodolnost: yes


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