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We-vibe Touch - red

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BIOglide 150 ml
Special cleaner 200ml

Product description

The luxury vibrator bearing the We-Vibe Touch label successfully builds on the good name of this brand with its perfect design. Its slightly rounded tip allows precise stimulation of the clitoris, and the G-Spot can be easily found and stimulated when the vibrator is inserted. We-Vibe Touch is made of medical silicone and is therefore completely gentle on the skin. Touch brings 4 levels and 4 rhythms of vibration. The first time you press the vibrator, it turns on and with each press you increase the force of the vibration. After the fifth press, you can change the rhythm of the vibrations - Intermittent, decelerating and accelerating, quickly intermittent Length 10.1 cm, diameter (max) 4.4 cm.

We-vibe Touch

ergonomic shape
water resistance
built-in battery
simple control
Weight - 90g
Charging - 90 min.
Use only water-based gels on We-Vibe brand products.

Materiál: Lékařský silikon
Barva: Červená
Délka: 10.1 cm
Průměr: 4.4 cm
Voděodolnost: yes


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