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Womanizer Pro W500 - Mint Discount -31%
Womanizer Pro W500 - Mint Womanizer Pro W500 - Mint

Womanizer Pro W500 - Mint

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Product description

More powerful, quieter, lighter, shaped for a more comfortable grip, adjustable intensity with one button and even more satisfying! This is the new Womanizer!

The Womanizer massage machine gently absorbs the clitoris and then stimulates it without contact with the help of pulsating pressure waves. With Womanizer, there is no risk of clitoral irritation or any unpleasant pain. You will experience completely new feelings of pleasure, which are crowned with orgasms. The package contains two stimulation attachments, one standard in the size of approx. 14 x 12 mm and one XL in the size of approx. 20 x 19 mm. The extensions are removable and easy to wash. The Womanizer is simply charged using a USB cable after being fully discharged for 120 minutes, the operating time is 240 minutes. Womanizer is not waterproof because of the way it works, but only waterproof.


Womanizer w500 news:

adjustable stimulation intensity from gentle level 1 to super powerful level 8! You can easily switch between the individual steps with the + and - buttons.
o Compared to the original version of the womanizer, the quieter, quiet mode is 42 dB
womanizer weighs only 128 g
new vibrator design for more comfortable handling and new luxurious colors
standard and XL stimulation heads included
light effect in the dark
dimensions: 125x62 mm

Womanizer is the first in the world with a new stimulation technique that will guarantee you multiple orgasms!


Statistics of 50 respondents aged 20 to 60:


73% of women experience multiple orgasms

76% of women have an extremely intense orgasm

63% of women have a completely new sexual experience

98% of women want to own a Womanizer

100% of women rate Womanizer as absolutely unique


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