Womanizer Duo Black

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Product description

Luxury stimulator for women Womanizer ™ DUO

The device combines intense stimulation of the clitoris and strong vibrational irritation of the G-spot. Pleasure Air technology ™ surrounds the clitoris with waves of air pressure, while the vibrator provides deep pulsations inside your body. When turned on, the Womanizer ™ DUO will work in contact with the skin thanks to Smart Silence ™ technology and will remain in standby mode when not in use. This means that the Womanizer Duo only starts when it comes in contact with the skin. Until then, it will remain in standby mode and return to standby mode when the Duo is removed from the body. So you don't have to worry about annoying vibrating sounds when the Duo isn't in use - even when you're enjoying it with your partner.

  • interesting look
  • ergonomic shape
  • water resistance
  • the flexible vibrating irritation arm inside the vagina has 12 vibrating stages and the suction nozzle on the clitoris has 12
  • suction pulses.
  • quiet operation
  • Evolutionary technology will give you orgasms in seconds
  • Rechargeable, charges via USB cable.
  • Operation up to two hours after full charge.
  • Made of 100% medical silicone, it is gentle on the skin
  • package contents: USB cable, 2 x suction muzzle, satin bag, elegant box
  • Dimension:

length: 19.2 cm x 12 cm
diameter: 3 cm

Typ dráždění: G-bod, Klitoriální, Pro páry
Vibrace: yes
Materiál: ABS/Silikon
Barva: Černá
Délka: 13 cm
Průměr max.: 3 cm
Voděodolnost: yes
Napájení: Nabíječka


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