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Elektro stimulace zdroj Mystim Tension Lover

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Mystim electrostimulation is the basis for electro stimulation in electrosex with flat electrodes, which have the task of stimulating muscles and erogenous zones throughout the body. Clear LCD display allows you to control all selected parameters, you can time the automatic shutdown after a given interval (timer for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes), you can also independently regulate the intensity and size of pulses and their frequency . You can simply lock the keypad to prevent it from starting on its own. The nine-volt battery, which is the source of the whole set with two bipolar channels, will last approximately 60 hours of operation. Tension Lover offers out of seven preset programs.

Package contains:

Mystim digital base,
solid plastic case,
4 adhesive rectangular electrodes,
2 bipolar cables for connecting electrodes,
nine-volt battery,
2x lubricating gel
original instructions.
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