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A fun game about marriage will not only provide pleasant fun for the whole evening, but will also reveal the secret wishes and desires of your partner. The game about marriage brings a total of 600 questions on 120 cards, including a funny drawing, which are divided into three categories (warm-up, insidious and body questions). The goal of the game is to answer the questions as your counterpart answers the question and at the same time agree on the answers. For each correctly answered answer you get points, which are added up at the end of the game. In the game, you can also bet on your partner's answer with playing chips. The winner receives a fulfilled wish, which both players write on the eraser card before the start of the game and is hidden from the partner at all times.

The game of marriage is not only for married couples! It is for all couples who want to have fun and learn more about themselves.


Package contents:

120 cards with 600 questions
game plan
2 responsible erasable tables
3 erasable markers
2 figures
26 chips and rules


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