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Funnel for women to urinate purple

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Special cleaner 50ml
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Product description

Do you need to pee and there is no toilet anywhere in the area? It doesn't matter, Ladyp is a new hygienic aid for standing urination. Are you standing in line and you can't take it anymore? Do you fish? Are you sailing on a boat? Do you ride a bike? Are you setting up? Problem solved.

It is very easy to use, but if you first want to find the most suitable position to train, you can, for example, at home in the shower. Place the LadyP so that it seals completely around the entire circumference, especially at the back and side. Point in the right direction and use. After washing LadyP, always wash or rinse with water, you will not be damaged by boiling or sterilization. With proper maintenance, the product has a lifespan of 15 years.

LadyP is made of medical silicone, thanks to the handy handle, the LadyP will be very easy to handle. The size of 95 mm in height, 60 mm in width and 154 mm in length of the product is ideal for storage in a handbag, for example, you can also buy a practical and very designing cotton case.

Typ dráždění: Zdravotní pomůcka


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