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Vibe Therapy Terah

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Special cleaner 50ml

Product description

Luxury branded Venus balls Vibe therapy Terah are made of medical silicone. The surface is partly made of fine silicone, but they are reinforced with ABS plastic on each ball. The connection of the balls is very soft and pliable. The pull cord fits well in the panties and holds well. The package also includes a breathable hygienic bag for safe storage.

Internal weights are large and heavy, cavities spacious. This creates the conditions for their higher efficiency.

The elegance of the packaging, the shape of the balls and their effectiveness make this product one of the nice erotic gifts.

Weight: 85g.


This product is no longer available.

Typ dráždění: Zdravotní pomůcka
Vibrace: no
Materiál: Silikon
Barva: Růžová
Délka: 8.5 cm
Průměr: 3.6 cm
Voděodolnost: yes
Vlastnost materiálu: Měkký na dotek


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