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Fun Factory Fun Cup size B

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Warranty: 24 months

Product description

FUN CUP menstrual cups - size B
Forget buying tampons. Try the FUN CUP menstrual cup, which will provide you with reliable menstrual protection for up to several hours.

Using the menstrual cup:

For convenient insertion, simply press and insert the cup. Once unrolled, it is completely impermeable and will provide you with protection for up to 12 hours. When removing the cup, remove the vacuum, remove the cup, empty it, rinse or wipe and the cup is ready for further insertion. Sterilize the cup by boiling between cycles.

Advantages of the menstrual cup:

The use of a menstrual cup has several advantages over conventional menstrual protections. Unlike menstrual pads or tampons, if used correctly, one cup will last you up to several years. It is a one-time investment.

The menstrual cup is ideal if you want to indulge in playing with a partner during your days. Once installed, it is completely invisible and you can indulge in light love games.

Unlike menstrual pads and tampons, it does not need to be replaced with a new one until several years of use, thanks to which you produce less waste.

Designed to fit every woman
Solid silicone for easy installation
Reliable menstrual protection for several hours
Made of medical silicone
5.8 cm, ⌀ 4.3 cm; 30ml
Package contains

2 cups size B
antibacterial case (machine washable)

Every woman is different, so there is no fixed rule for choosing the size, only general recommendations. If you are not sure which size to choose, we recommend the EXPLORE KIT

SIZE A Smaller cup for lighter days. Suitable for beginners, women under 30.

SIZE B Larger cup for stronger days. It is recommended for women over 30 or women who have already given birth.

EXLORE KIT Package containing both cup A and cup B.

The product is included in categories

FOR WOMEN Intimate Hygiene Menstrual Aids Menstrual Cups

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Waterproof yes
Water resistance yes
Pulsation no
Vibration no
Material property Měkký na dotek
Erogenous zone Medical aid
Material Medical silicone
Colour Purple

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