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Mister Size thin 69mm 10ks

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Warranty: 24 months
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Mister Size thin 69mm 10ks
Mister Size thin…
10.92 €

Product description

Mister Size thin 69mm 10ks

A large penis requires a sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness during sex. Of course, you also need the right condom, which is not so easy to find. Fortunately, MISTER SIZE 69 is like your personal tailor-made suit: the condom fits you like a glove and allows you to experience intense moments. No unpleasant side effects, but with a clean feeling.

Transparent, extremely thin condoms made of natural latex. Condoms are coated with lubricant and come with nipples. Vegan. A man can choose the right condom size for his penis using the scale on the front of the package.

Condom size For penis circumference For penis diameter
69 mm more than 15,5 cm more than 4,93 cm

Why choose thin 69mm 10pcs from Mister Size:

  • Custom made condoms
  • Transparent, cunning
  • Extremely thin for an intimate feel
  • Easy threading
  • Penis measuring scale on the packaging
  • Vegan


Benefits for him

The search for the ideal partner also applies to contraception: if you haven't been satisfied with condoms yet, you probably just haven't found the right partner for your best piece yet. With MISTER SIZE in your personal size, you can do without pinching, lengthy unpacking or other unpleasant side effects. You barely notice it and the sensation during sex is unusually intense. At the same time, of course, it reliably protects you and gives you a sense of security - so you can completely untie yourself.



We can cut loose - and have the fun of our lives

Sex is especially great when both of you take responsibility together and then feel good about giving yourself to each other. Mister Size gives you the ideal opportunity for this - because thanks to its thin and barely noticeable layer, the condom no longer stands between you, but becomes a unique connection. So you can both feel safe and enjoy sex in all its intensity.



My head is in the clouds when it comes to sex, not contraception

Tired of being a woman only responsible for contraception? With MISTER SIZE you no longer have to feel guilty if you have consciously decided to refuse pills or other contraceptives. Your husband, boyfriend or lover is always perfectly equipped - and there is no longer any reason not to use a condom.


How it works (how to measure)

1. Artwork

Carefully cut out the printed meter along the dashed line.

2. Dimensions

Carefully place the tape around the strongest part of the erect penis. Now you can read your personal recommended size from the markings. 

3. Enjoy yourself

Perfect! You have now found your ideal condom size and can enjoy completely carefree sex in the future. 

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XXL condoms My Size

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Lenght 22 cm
Material Latex
Colour Clear
Weight 55 g
Diameter min. 4.93 cm
Product type For men, Vegan

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