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Satisfyer Partner Box 2
Satisfyer Partner…
84.96 €

Product description

Change things with Partner Box 2! Partner Box 2 is the perfect solution for you: get two products comfortably wrapped together, which will help you both find the perfect evening and the perfect gift for your lover! Partner Box 2 contains two partner compatible products, Royal One and Double Joy! Royal One is a flexible, but secure, large-area c-ring ideal for partner stimulation. Double Joy is a flexible U-shaped product that can fit next to your partner during piercing sex. Royal One and Double Joy with Bluetooth support add products to the ecosystem that connect to the award-winning free Satisfyer Connect app, which gives you the opportunity to take control of your pleasure and start your journey on the go. Use Satisfyer Connect together to control other devices from around the table, room or even the globe! Royal One and Double Joy are made of body-safe silicone, are rechargeable and waterproof (IPX7) and are ready for any date and night adventure you are ready to take!

Find your right mix with Partner Box 2.

Satisfyer Partner Box 2
Satisfyer Partner Box adds extra fun to your lovemaking: Both partners can enjoy sensual vibrations with the Double Joy vibrator and the Royal One erection ring. Both sexual well-being devices can be controlled using the Satisfyer Connect app - available for iOS and Android. Made of super soft, skin-friendly medical silicone that is smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic. Thanks to the waterproof surface (IPX7), this sexual wellness device can be used safely in water and is easy to clean.

Super strong deep vibrations
Body-friendly silicone
Waterproof IPX7
Can be used without application
Editable preset programs
Infinite number of programs with the application
Whisper mode
Including USB magnetic charging cable
Easy to clean
Satisfyer Partner Box 2: Simultaneous climax with application control

Satisfyer Partner Box 2 offers you sensual moments and adventures for two. The box contains a double vibrator Satisfyer Double Joy and an erection ring Royal One. Both sexual well-being devices are worn during sex and enrich lovemaking with deep vibes and exciting features.

Because both Double Joy and Royal One benefit from the ability to control apps with the free Satisfyer Connect app. It includes innovative features such as music vibration, Satisfyer remote control via Bluetooth or vibrating design, which give you complete freedom of pampering each other.

Satisfyer Double Joy and Royal One
Satisfyer Double Joy is one of the two most popular vibrators and has an impressive U-shaped design that offers intense vibrations in 2 engines. The smaller shaft slides in even when making love and stimulates both the G-spot and the penis. The larger shaft of the double vibrator rests on the outside of the clitoris. High-quality silicone is also particularly comfortable. Satisfyer Royal One, a penis ring with a clitoral stimulator, is made of a pleasant silicone body and pampers both partners thanks to its blood-retaining effect and strong vibrations. It simply stretches over the penis and strengthens the erection while delaying ejaculation. The structured clitoral stimulator finds its pearl with each stroke and provides additional stimulation through intense vibrations. Both sexual wellness facilities are waterproof and can be safely taken in the shower, pool or bath. The content of Satisfyer Partner Box 2 has been specially created by our experts for common enjoyment. Partner vibrators and penis rings are popular sexual wellness facilities for special moments together and allow couples to benefit equally from their effects. Experience the intense vibes and completely indulge in adventures for two.

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Lenght 5.7 cm
Waterproof yes
Water resistance yes
Vibration yes
Special features Mobile app
Erogenous zone Vagina, Clitorial, Couples, Penis
Material Medical silicone
Colour Purple
Weight 129 g
Diameter min. 4.1 cm
Diameter max. 5.2 cm
Power supply Charger
Battery type Rechargeable

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