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Product code: P1383
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Tenga 3D is a new model line of the Tenga company, which has no analogues in the world of masturbators. Apart from Flip Hole, the 3D series is the first series in which the masturbator can be used repeatedly, up to 50 times. All this is made possible by the very easy cleaning of the mastrubber. All you have to do is turn it upside down and rinse it off.

The 3D series consists of five different mastrubators, which differ in the inner surface, which is different for each Teng, so that everyone can choose the masturbator that suits them best.

Tenga 3D are made of soft and gentle material, which, however, can irritate very intensely. For this reason, we recommend Tenga to men who like to enjoy very intense stimulation with a strong irritating effect.

Tenga 3D mastrubrators are supplied with a base, which allows easy storage of the mastrubator and protects it from dirt.

The package always contains a sample of Tenga Hole Lotion lubricating gel



The surface is decorated with randomly arranged triangles, thanks to which you will taste a firm grip underlining the feeling of excitement. Irresistible stimulation experiences are the result of combining a rugged polygonal structure with a firmer surface of individual edges, and their pleasant adhesion during movement.

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Waterproof yes
Water resistance yes
Pulsation no
Vibration no
Material property Měkký na dotek
Erogenous zone Penis
Material Nature skin

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