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Product description

Revolutionary LELO HEX condoms with a redesigned structure for extremely satisfying sex. The unique hexagonal structure of the condom offers enhanced sensitivity of partners during sexual intercourse.


LELO HEX condoms are completely new, revolutionary. They have been evolving for a long time for 7 years and now they are finally here!

These unique condoms add strength, thinness and feelings through a revolutionary hexagonal structure.


LELO HEX condoms offer you a completely tight design, as if it were made to measure. With its structure composed of 350 interconnected hexagons, LELO HEX allows more sensitivity and intimacy during sex to both partners. They are perfectly smooth on the surface and textured inside.


With a thickness of 0.045 - 0.055 mm, LELO HEX are one of the thinnest condoms on the market.


To meet worldwide standards of protection, LELO HEXs are electronically tested on every condom that is exported worldwide to ensure the highest mark of quality.


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Condoms Thin condoms Extra safe condoms

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Lenght 18 cm
Material Latex
Weight 50 g
Diameter 05.4 cm

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