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Womanizer Premium 2

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Product description

Womanizer Premium 2 is a powerful but quiet pressure wave stimulator that will please a person in 14 different intensities. The intensity can be easily adjusted with the (+/-) button. Pleasure Air's patented technology provides precise stimulation of the clitoris without coming into contact with it. It can also be used in a bath or shower because it is waterproof. The new and improved autopilot feature automatically changes intensity, making the pleasure even more surprising. Womanizer Premium 2 only starts when in contact with the skin thanks to the Smart Silence function. Until then, Premium 2 is in almost silent standby mode. Womanizer Premium 2 automatically shuts off when not in use for 10 minutes.

The narrow, easy-to-use connoisseur is covered with a fully soft touch surface, which is silky soft during skin pleasure. Stimulation heads and spare heads are made of skin-friendly silicone for pure pleasure.

Includes magnetic charger, storage bag (100% cotton) and spare head.

The packaging was made with 41% less plastic.

Pleasure Air technology
Made for you and your body: All WOMANIZER models have the unique Pleasure Air Technology. Strange thing: Your clitoris is stimulated without contact. Gentle vibrations of the air absorb and massage your source of pleasure, ensuring an unprecedented feeling of orgasm.

Extra stimulator head
We know that every body is different and beautiful! For this reason, each box contains two sizes of stimulator heads to ensure that everyone can enjoy their WOMANIZER.

Autopilot 2.0
When autopilot is active, your toy switches between different levels of intensity and keeps you alert. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle - always extraordinary. Our autopilot mode was developed in response to feedback from our testers - an improved feature that users love.

IPX7 Waterproof
Do you want to dive? Because your WOMANIZER IPX7 is waterproof, nothing stands in the way of a long and extensive bath, refreshing shower or pool party.

Clever silence
The innovative Smart Silence technology will delight you. Your WOMANIZER will only start stimulating when it almost touches the surface of your skin. It will go into standby mode when you are not using the toy. As a result, your WOMANIZER is not only quieter to use, but also makes your enjoyment even more intense.

14 Intensity levels
Whether you prefer a gentle or stormy mode, or something in between: Just a button separates you to the next orgasm. The levels are perfectly balanced and flow smoothly, so you will always find the right setting for you. Depending on how you are feeling.

Permanent companion - 4 hours
240 minutes of operating time and just a few minutes before you arrive: You can find out how many orgasms it is.

Original Womanizer technology
Our famous Pleasure Air technology stimulates the clitoris with gentle but strong air pressure waves that work exactly where it's most fun. Pleasure Air technology provides contactless stimulation like you've never experienced before.

Autopilot mode
This feature will intuitively lead you to your next orgasm, just the way you like it. Accidentally changing intensity levels will surprise you again and again and each time create a unique experience, as if someone were changing the intensity for you. The autopilot irritates you when you can barely stand it, and ensures that you are never bored. Lean back and look forward to breathtaking orgasms.

Clever silence
This smart feature ensures that the product only turns on when in contact with the skin. So your toy is very quiet - which doesn't mean you have to be too ... Smart Silence also saves battery so you always have enough power when you need it.

Something for everyone
With 14 levels of intensity - more than ever before - PREMIUM 2 offers the right feeling for every user and every mood. Start with a gentle impulse and slowly increase until the climax.

Waterproof IPX7
Do you fancy a relaxing bath in the bathtub? And by that we mean a really relaxing bath! Then set up a pair of candles, let go of your favorite bubble bath and take your Womanizer PREMIUM 2 with you - it is waterproof according to IPX7.

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Lenght 15.5 cm
Waterproof yes
Water resistance yes
Pulsation yes
Vibration no
Erogenous zone Clitorial
Material ABS/Silikon
Colour Red
Weight 135 g
Diameter 3.5 cm
Power supply Charger
Battery type Rechargeable
Kvalitní silikon Hypoalergení materiál
Air Pulse Pleasure Air Technology
Vodotěsný Vodotěsná úprava (IPX7)
Luxusní Pro náročné

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