Luděk Dufek - Naivní román aneb není škaredých bab jen jsme málo pili

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A captivating, naturalistically and erotically tuned novel from a bartender's environment with a vision of a bestseller by a new author, nicknamed the Moravian Bukowski, immediately draws us into passionate sexual relations between one man and several women. A retrospective of the story takes place in Prague and a presence mainly in a small Moravian town, where the main actor in the story wants to recover from his previous promiscuous and aimless life. But his naive desire to have a pure relationship with a much younger girl and finally settle down fails on infidelity, selfishness and cowardice to solve something, which he skillfully hides under his attractive appearance and behavior. He thus gets back into the vicious circle of his addiction, from which there is no way out.


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