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How to Buy

Here is a simple guide on how to buy goods from us. We have tried to make shopping as clear and simple as possible for you. If you have already purchased the goods on our online store, you can download the universal manual.

1. Selection of goods

You have several options to choose from.

From the left column, which is divided into 3 main categories, you select a category. The products are displayed in the main menu. You can sort them by price or type.
Another option is to choose by color. In the left column below the main categories, there is a selection box by color. Click on your favorite color to see the products.
The option to select by price is located again in the left column. You click on the price range and then you will only see products in this price range.
If you are interested in a certain product, you can type its name in the search engine at the top right. If your designated product is not found, you can use the Wishlist service. This service consists in you writing us the name of the product and we will get it for you. The link is still in the left column.

2. Order

When selecting goods, you can view it by link detail, or add it directly to the virtual cart. You will see a window about the successful addition to the cart and here you have the option to go straight to the cart or continue shopping. If you have selected, click on the basket in the upper right and you will see a list of goods and a form for the data needed to order. Fill in this information. You also have the option of registration, which is of course not mandatory. Next, check the consent to read the terms and conditions and fill in the method of delivery. Transport prices are governed by the price list of the Czech Post and PPL.

3. Order confirmation

Finally, click on the order confirmation box and you will get to the final page for checking the entered data, here you will only confirm the order. Information on the successful placing of the order will be sent to the email provided, where you will also be informed about its status.