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Lovely Lovers Bemine pure man 10ml

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bemine pure
Lovely Lovers…
21.77 €

Product description

BeMINE PURE MAN from LOVELY LOVERS is a concentrate of odorless pheromones for every man who wants to consciously and discreetly use their action.

Odorless pheromone concentrate is an ideal solution if you do not want to give up your favorite perfume, but want to wear pheromones and use their "hidden" effect on people around you. Gentle odor attractants will not affect the scent of your perfume. You can apply it separately or you can pour pheromones into a bottle with your perfume.


The special strong formula of BeMINE PURE gradually releases pheromone compounds so that the effect of their action lasts as long as possible. The effect can last up to 12 hours.



The bottle lasts a very long time, because it is a concentrate. Due to the high concentration, it is enough to apply several doses (3-4 drops) using a suitable dropper. Best around the neck (eg behind the ears, on the collar) and on the wrist (eg on the watch, cuffs). They can also be applied to bedding or other place where we want pheromones to float in the air.



BeMINE pheromones have undergone a number of tests, which have confirmed the safety of their use, even though they have an extremely high concentration. In addition, the specially formulated formula leaves no marks on clothing or bedding, making it invisible to the eye.

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Weight 42 g
Product type For men
Volume 10 ml.

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