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Autoblow A.I. Machine

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Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Enjoy 10 different ways of blowjob - experiences driven by artificial intelligence only with the masturbator Autoblow A.I. Machine.


Masturbator Autoblow A.I. The machine uses a very powerful motor, so it is connected to an electrical outlet (110-240V). The engine is 50% quieter than its predecessor and even more powerful 3x!

This converted, all-metal, manufactured Autoblow A.I. The machine is made to last over 500 hours of operation.

Autoblow A.I. The machine has trained artificial intelligence. Her understanding was specially adapted to manage to create the most natural feeling of blowjob. It replicates real techniques from the real environment.



Control is one word - simple. The four buttons have a clear function and cannot be confused.

The upper button (pause) is used for so-called EDGE CONTROL. Press the button to stop the run until you wish again. You can use this function on the masturbator just before the climax. By regularly delaying your orgasm, you can also build better sexual stamina.

With the pair of buttons + and - you can choose the speed of the currently selected program. The selected speed is also projected on the green illuminated ruler.

The last button on the Autoblow A.I control panel. Machine you choose the right pleasure directly for you. There are 10 programs to choose from that artificial intelligence has learned!

In order to enjoy all this, the masturbator Autoblow A.I. Machine one power switch. Just set the silver ON / OFF switch to the ON position.



Individual modes:


Full stroke

In this mode, the masturbator works in the basic program. Irritation is performed along the entire length at a constant speed

Intense Edge

This program helps you build sexual stamina. It stimulates regularly for 3 seconds and then stops for 1-2 seconds. This builds stamina and a stronger orgasm.

Fast Edge

A full 15 seconds of continuous masturbation and then a 2 second pause before the process repeats

Teasing Slow Stroke

Irritating slow motion -2 full movements followed by a second pause. The technique mimics the irritation used in real blowjob.

Top Stroke

Regime irritating the upper third of the penis. This program is especially enjoyed by men with shorter penises.

Bottom Stroke

The mode massages the predominantly lower part in the masturbator - the tip of the penis. If a man has a relatively long penis, then the masturbator will only irritate his tip.

Top & Bottom Stroke

A combination of the previous two modes. Autoblow A.I. The machine switches between the positions after several stimuli.

Masterstroke 1

Penis massage combines whole long movements with upper and lower irritation. This creates a balanced ratio and the feeling of true penis smoking.

Masterstroke 2

Improvements to the previous mode. In addition, it adds variable time slots between feelings.

Full A.I. Experience

This blowjob is the absolute top from the development team Autoblow A.I. Machine. With each start of the mode, you will experience a completely new feeling. The masturbator himself decides what happens next. He combines the best of his techniques into an unforgettable blowjob. Autoblow A.I. The machine regulates the speed and length of stimulation and always offers something new.

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Luxury masturbators Masturbators Vacuum masturbators Smart erotic toys

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Waterproof no
Vibration no
Erogenous zone Penis
Material ABS/Silikon
Power supply Power supply

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